Tea For Kids

The numbers speak for themselves, every fifth child is overweight, 15% of the children have nipple caries. The TeeFee has conjured up a great alternative to sugared fruit juices and sodas with their sugar and calorie-free fruit teas.

Kids tea without sugar:

Sweet and healthy fun with the TeeFee
Provide children with a delicious drink and rely on healthy ingredients: With TeeFee children tea without sugar that is not a problem. Made from delicious ingredients, our children's drinks are sweetened with organic stevia so children love to drink and parents don't need to worry about unnecessary calories and broken teeth. Discover high-quality children's tea without sugar, with which you can motivate lazy drinkers.

Discover the delicious TeeFee organic teas
We have put together a great tasting package for you and your little ones to try our most popular varieties

No sugar, no calories

TeeFee Teas for a great start in life

Our products are special and dleicicious on top! ✩ stevia instead of sugar ✩Best organic quality ✩ More versatility on the children's shelf ✩ Healthy products for children and parents

Your Kid is a Lazy drinker?

Whether you choose a healthy tea for purifying or a sweet baby fruit tea: The varied varieties of TeeFee enrich your everyday life. Our delicious teas are the perfect accompaniment to breakfast or help you to relax on a stressful day. Discover our soothing tea to purify and experience how you feel after a short time again much healthier and fitter!