This is the only sweet and delicious alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages in Germany. Because children have to drink enough for their development, but instead of water or unsweetened teas, they prefer to resort to juices or spritzers. They contain a high proportion of fructose and calories. Our teas do not contain both and are still very popular with the kids.

Currently we have various teas to brew. These are, for example, strawberry and a delicious apple cinnamon, but also classics like raspberry or cakepops. There are also 4 delicious iced teas in raspberry, mango or even apple. But that's not all. From now on we also offer sugar-free drinking chocolate and syrups!

2,500 German branches are already selling our products and there are more every day.

In our magical kingdom we are teaming with hardworking, creative, loving fairies who give everything on a daily basis. We also hope to enchant you. And why? Because we are fairies, of course. And fairies can conjure up .... the smallest child knows that!

What is our TeeFee Mission?

"Our business idea had its beginnings long before the approval of the stevia plant or steviol glycoside contained therein as a food additive in Europe. As the daughter of a Paraguayan mother, I got stevia teas to drink and love the sweet taste which reminds me of my childhood. What I did not know then was that the stevia plant has a number of positive sweetening properties compared to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has no calories, is anti-plaque and lowers blood pressure. That was the starting signal for the TeeFee. "


"After my two children were weaned, I was increasingly asked the question of the right diet for the two dwarves. I already noticed that unsweetened food and drinks had it much harder. Especially with the drinks I could only give them the typical apple spritzer, so that both took sufficient amounts of liquid. Somehow, however, I as a father began my research and came across Stevia and started brewing all sorts of things in my kitchen. Based on the facial expressions of the children, I was able to grope in the right direction. After I got to know Jill by chance - which was already quite a bit ahead of Stevia - our recipe for a child tea with stevia leaves was born. "

Höhle der Löwen - Bild:Maurer
Jill and Marco presented this idea in the VOX series "Die Höhle der Löwen" (engl. Lion's Cage, Shark Tank) in October 2017.