Healthy lunchbox for school and kindergarten

Healthy lunchbox for school and kindergarten

School sandwiches and snacks looked quite different in my childhood. At the latest in the second school break, these were no longer considered. Often Mama's lovingly filled lunchbox returned in its original state. Fortunately, children are now allowed to have a say in what's on the table. Finally, they should eat with joy and appetite. There is no shortage of opportunities to fill a healthy lunchbox for children. But many parents fear the morning effort. Nobody really has time. However, with the right basics at home, you can conjure up fast delicious good-mood ideas for the break. Just real brainfood! But be sure to avoid packaging waste as much as possible and continue to use the leftovers!

# A healthy lunchbox gives kids plenty of power

The break snacks for your dwarfs should above all be balanced and varied. Sugary foods like biscuits or candy bars can provide energy, but they will fizzle faster than your child can count to ten. Why is it so important that the food in the lunch box for kindergarten and school contains many valuable nutrients?

  • Healthy snacks provide the child with sufficient energy for their daily play and physical activity
  • Toddlers are on the move all day, using a lot of energy
  • If they receive a poor supply of nutrients, they are more susceptible to stress in everyday life and feel overwhelmed faster
  • The Research Institute for Child Nutrition in Dortmund (FKE) recommends optimized mixed diets for children (OptmiX)
  • Effect: your child can concentrate better in kindergarten and school and more easily master the many small and large challenges

# Fresh and colorful variety in the break box: Bon appetite!

With a healthy lunch box for the breakfast or lunch break in school or kindergarten, you set the course for optimal child nutrition with all the necessary nutrients. The fun should not be neglected, so that the child does not lose his motivation to try new dishes. For example, the nutrition experts at the FKE recommend that the main ingredient of breakfast should be milk or a dairy product. A combination of healthy cereal flakes and natural yoghurt would be ideal for a good start to the day. Luckily, today there are many leak-proof, split lunchboxes, such as the bentgo box, with many compartments and child-friendly interlocking. These are great for giving your child a healthy lunch even at lunchtime. A break from cereal products and vegetables in organic quality goes according to the FKE recommendations in any case towards healthy mixed food. Dairy products such as quark, dips or yoghurt you can pack well in a small screw jar leak-proof.

How is a lunchbox made for children?

  • Organic whole grains with long-chain carbohydrates provide valuable power
  • Calcium-containing foods, such as milk and vegetables, are important for healthy bone growth
  • Enough vitamins from fruits, vegetables and herbs to strengthen the immune system
  • Proteins from eggs, milk, meat, fish, vegetables and grains
  • A mixture of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Important: Don’t forget a healthy pause drink!

If children don’t drink enough, they become tired, unfocused and quickly get headaches, which they would rather avoid. Therefore, you should have enough water or sugar-free tea in each bag. A leak-proof bottle prevents sticky books or a soaked children's backpack.

# These are the favorite snacks for the lunch box of the TeeFee

Delicious and varied snacks, far from wishy-washy sausage and cheese bread:

  • Bread and bread rolls topped with salad, vegetable strips, cream cheese and fresh herbs like cress or chives
  • Banana waffles made from spelled flour without sugar
  • Tuna sandwich with creamy sour cream and herbs
  • Lucky mushrooms for special school days
  • Double whisk sandwich with wholemeal toast with a view (one side with the motif cut out and put on the lubricated side, lubricated with a colored, vegetarian vegetable spread
  • Vegetarian meatballs
  • Vegetable wraps filled with and without meat
  • Filled puff pastry or pancake rolls, even baked goods such as croissant made from spelled or wholemeal flour
  • Vegetable and fruit skewers in all creative variations, especially those tomato hearts from Tollabea (which you can still vary with tasty mozzarella or gauze) and these pause power skewers
  • Homemade chicken nuggets with this delicious kids pasta salad, while the kids are of course allowed to help a lot
  • Couscous salad or boiled potatoes with dip
  • Italian pasta salad with sausages
  • Vegetable buffers or sticks with herb quark
  • Dried fruits such as cranberries, dried mangoes or slices of apples
  • Muesli to go with refreshing organic natural yoghurt or even quark mixed with fruit
  • Rice pudding or semolina with the favorite fruits
  • Homemade oatmeal cookies with ground nuts

# Prepare lunchbox - without hectic rush and stress in the morning

Too time-consuming? That does not have to be. Good preparation saves you valuable time in the morning. A well-stocked supply and smart weekly shopping bring variety in the lunchbox and lower the morning stress level. Some break snacks result from the family lunch or dinner. If meatballs, boiled noodles or pancakes are left over, they can be served with a freshly stirred dip or spread delicious food for a pleasurable break. Sure: fruit or vegetable sticks, dips, even stirred yoghurts or snack ideas with egg you should prepare fresh in the morning. This is how the lunchbox looks appetizing even hours later. However, individual components can easily be prepared the night before and wait in the fridge for their big performance in school and kindergarten.

What are the favorite breaktime snacks of your dwarves or is the lunchbox always empty? I'm looking forward for comments.

All the best, your TeeFee