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Our TeeFee FAQs

Good for Children and the whole Family

Why are your products so good for children?

Have you already conducted a market research with children?

Why do your products have to be sweet? Is healthy not enough?

How much TeeFee can my child drink a day?

Who are the TeeFee products for?

How do you get such a business idea?

Organic Stevia

Is Stevia healthy at all?

No Calories?

Positive influence on the dental health

Promote the preference for a sweet taste


Where can I buy your products in stationary trading?

You want to include our products in your trade?

Production & Quality

How and where are the TeeFee teas produced?

Where do you get your raw materials from?

Do you watch the individual steps of the production?

Environmentally friendly & sustainable

Organic - what does that mean?

What is FSC?

Storage & enjoyment

What is the best way to enjoy iced tea?

How should I store the tea?

Is it easy to make tea and how can I make it perfect?

Origin & cause of the tea trend